In Good Company

in-good-companyYesterday I may have distracted my 1 1/2-year-old with a bulk size bag of goldfish so that I could binge watch Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath . A beer may just happen to appear in my hand when I wash my floors in the middle of the afternoon. My car may miraculously take the long way home from work so that I can blare Sister Christian on a loop before returning to reality. My Friday nights may consist of hour long marathons of iTunes movie trailers. My mind may overanalyze to the point of combustion when I’m feeling vulnerable or threatened.

What’s for certain? I always know that I’m in good company. I always know that one of my incredible girlfriends will join me and not judge me for my moments of humanness. I don’t have to be afraid of being seen (or invisible for that matter). With my girlfriends, there is zero fear of feeling like a complete moron. Zero fear. That’s pretty freaking incredible. My good fortune is to have gathered a lively array of women nationwide who fill me up no matter what mood I’m in.  People say you’re lucky if you have one good, true friend. Then, I’ve hit the tribal karma jackpot with an overflowing colorful cup of grounded, strong, hilarious, kind-hearted and real real real girlfriends. My definition of real may be completely different than your definition of real. That’s awesome! That makes it more REAL. Whatever and whoever lets your freak flag fly with complete liberation and straight up relief – is REAL. That’s it.

It is all about the company you keep. It is about taking an honest look at who’s in your life and realizing if they are helping or hurting it. It’s hard. Really hard. It’s also the biggest gift you could ever give yourself and the rest of us.

“Sometimes it’s not about getting ahead…it’s about getting a life.” This is the tagline for the 2004 underrated Dennis Quaid movie, In Good Company

I say: sometimes it’s not about getting a HEAD… it’s about getting a life.

Sometimes I need to get out of my head to really get into my life. I need to give my mind a break and remind myself that the people who are in my life are choosing to be there for a reason. I need to give myself a little kudos (or if needed, a straight talking to) about who I’m surrounding myself with and then… get on with it. Once we all do this, as the kids say: shit is about to get real. Suddenly, wow! There’s more space in our heads for playful pranks and purposeful projects. The fire in our bellies turn fears into “Why the hell not’s?” The petty, clingy and self-sabotaging thoughts about people or …people (it’s always about people, right?) begin to fade away. The guilt, jealousy, and resentment? There’s no room (or much less) anymore – because you’re shifting your focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

More of the “in good company” peeps, please.


(Cue: tinkling wind chimes.)

…you find yourself in even BETTER company. Yes, that’s how it happens. Yes, it’s free. Yes, it’s possible.

And yes, I may have been reminded of In Good Company because of a late-night solo dance party to its theme song: Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill.  And yes, I may have, just may have, even spent 15 minutes on the phone with my husband’s childhood friend convincing (convincing? slurring? who’s to say?) him to download Solsbury Hill immediately because “once you hear the first few notes you feel like you’re on a cloud.”

Cue: head drop and crickets.

Sorry, Roc.


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