Photo on 5-4-17 at 3.21 PM #3Welcome to the unveiling of not having it all figured out – not even close.

There’s fierce, and there’s frozen. Depending on the day, I can embody either like a champ:

A fiery gem flying through the world feeling zoned in and zesty. Game on!

A deer caught in headlights wondering how in the hell I nabbed the lead role in this shit show.

I aim for the Yoda in me even on the days when I feel like the Ice Age squirrel.

What you won’t find is perfect grammar or G-rated language.

What you will find are trips and falls. Bruises and bashes. Moments of pure fear and solid joy. You’ll find observations and life questions reflected through a story.

It’s all brought to you with my own spin from flicks that span generations. I LOVE movies. Love love love. They have the potential to connect us all in an incredibly intimate and human way, allowing us to feel seen and understood.

Here you have the chance to gain another perspective on life and build an ultimate movie list. Is that Jawsome or what? Movie nights are about to get real! Now, go pee, grab the popcorn and hit the lights. And for the love of God, silence your damn phone!